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Jade Bangle Omphacite Incised

Edith's Gallery

SKU: JB000004

A natural incised omphacite jade bangle in dark spinach green color

Approximate size 2.36 inches inside diameter x 0.28 inches thickness x 0.63 inches width 

'A' grade jade untreated

With certificate from an accredited lab 


Many historic jade items consist fully or partly of omphacite,which belongs to the same group of minerals (pyroxenes) as jadeite Omphacite grows in the same crystal system and has similar causes of colour

In addition to their mineralogical and chemical affinities their appearances are very similar Both minerals form dense solid aggregates of closely interlocked crystals yielding the supreme toughness jade is known for

Distinguishing omphacite from jadeite calls for sophisticated analytical equipment For these reasons Gubelin Gem Lab has decided to consider omphacite a type of jade alongside jadeite and nephrite the two minerals already broadly recognized as jade