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Wood Carving Chinese Guardian Straddled Over Snake & Tortoise

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SKU: WF000004

This is a wood carving of a Chinese Guardian straddled over a snake and tortoise.

Approximate size 18.5 inches high x 9 inches wide x 6.3/4 inches depth

The figure shows much wear from age and exposure to the elements. General finish and wood distress commensurate with age and handling.


Tortoise and Snake Symbolism Below text courtesy Gabi Greve

•Tortoise and Snake 亀と蛇 In Chinese culture, especially under the influence of Taoism (道教) the tortoise is the symbol of heaven and earth, its shell compared to the vaulted heaven and the underside to the flat disc of the earth. The tortoise was the hero of many ancient legends. It helped the First Chinese Emperor to tame the Yellow River, so Shang-di rewarded the animal with a life span of Ten Thousand Years. Thus the tortoise became a symbol for Long Life. It also stands for immutability and steadfastness.

Age : early 20th century